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Former Member
Aug 20, 2020 at 06:35 AM

How to generate one invoice number by uploading multiple line items relating to the same invoice, through the App “Import Supplier Invoices”


Hi Team,

By using the App “Import Supplier Invoices” we can import multiple supplier invoices into the system all at once. After uploading system considering all the line items as invoices and generating multiple invoice numbers.

Let’s say an example, we have one invoice from Taxi ABC and there are 50 lines where costs are being allocated to 50 different projects. If we use the upload template, then system is considering 50 lines and ultimately 50 invoice numbers are getting generated.


1) 1) Instead of generating 50 invoices, system could be able to generate only one invoice?

2) 2) Is there any possibility to generate workflow for Supplier invoices? If so, how a workflow would work with the generation of many invoices.

PlThanks & Regards,