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Aug 19, 2020 at 03:08 AM

Bad Debt Write-Off


Hello guys,

I have a question regarding the Bad Debt Write-Off. According to the Scrript of the Scope Item 2PD, we can use the App "Post with Clearing" for the posting of the Bad Debt.

This year there was a VAT rate reduction in Germany (valid from 01 July), so we changed the tax rate from 19% to 16% (TDT). However, in the system, we still have a customer open items from previous year, posted with the VAT rate 19%. We decidet to write the old gross debt of some customers off and for this purposes we used the App "Post with Clearing". After the posting we found out that the system posts the VAT with the new rate - 16%.

Does anybody knows:

How can we make a write-off with the old tax rate? And how can we put the Tax Reporting Date for those postings in the apropriate field in the VAT return?