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Jun 30, 2020 at 04:53 AM

Intercompany billing for intercompany cost allocation


We have a business scenario as follows:

An organisation carries out cross-company allocation of Group management costs (and I know that we need to follow note 2855105 to be able to do this part of the process using old style CO allocations) - perhaps a couple of different types of costs - say exec salaries, and shared service costs.

Obviously, the organisation then needs to do intercompany billing to support the correct creation of the intercompany payables / receivables etc (and as part of this, they also wabt to apply a markup). So far, so good - scope item 16T used to do this very nicely - we would use the E0* materials on the intercompany sales order to pick up the different recharges.

Let's say the organisation actually want to bill separately for the two different recharges - so I have two separate sales orders, one using E006 and one E007 for example.

For some reason, the system now seems to be ignoring the materials on the intercompany sales order - and picking up both types of recharge on a single DMR (not to mention other project related intercompany time bookings, which we would defintiely want to handle separately).

What has changed with the solution - do 4AU and 4AN make the solution work differently to the old 16T scope?

Has anyone else come across these issues - obviously, it's a slightly off the wall use of 16T to support this requirement - but it used to work fine. Just checking before I log an issue with OSS...