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May 16, 2020 at 07:14 AM

Job for Automatic Creation of Purchase Order from Requisitions: purchase order type of the new Purchase Order


Hi Cloud collegues,

I want to employ the "Automatic Creation of Purchase Orders from Requisitions" job, that is available at the app "Schedule Purchasing Jobs - Advanced".

Our customer employs a custom purchase order type (ZNB).

They need the purchase requisitions would be automatically converted into ZNB purchase orders. However, we cannot find any parameter at the job section "new purchase order" that alow us to specifiy the purchase order type for the generated document.

Is there any wat to specifiy this value in the job parameters?By default, the system proporses document type NB.

We additionally thought that the solution could be link a single purchase requisition type to the purchase order type ZNB, however we could check that the assignment of purchase order types to purchase requisition types is not modifiable by SSCUI. So we have run out of ideas.

Any other suggestion?

Thank you in advance,



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