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May 06, 2020 at 08:33 AM

Data transfer routines @ sales order item level



At our customer end-users are frequently creating sales orders with reference to other sales orders. We noticed recently that the "fix date/quantity" indicator on the sales order item level is also copied to the new sales order. This leads to trouble since the confirmed quantity will be most of the time 0 for the new sales order... and as a consequence, the sales requirement will not be visible in the stock/requirements list.

We want to adjust the data transfer routine for the sales order item:

Configuration available here:

By default these data transfer routines are empty at the sales order item level:


1. If there is no data transfer routine assigned; how can we than identify which information is copied from sales order item to sales order item? Guessing?

2. We want to keep the rules as they are now, but we want to exclude copying the "fix date/quantity" indicator. What is the best option to do this?

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