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Apr 29, 2020 at 06:59 AM

Cloud Warehousing - EWM Supply area - goods receipt from production



Since 2002 release EWM supply areas have been made available. However, it seems that a must-have prerequisite is that the production order's final operation has confirmation control key YB3 that will trigger a 101 GR movement during confirmation.

However, we are using serial numbers, this means we cannot use YB3 and are obliged to use YB1 and to post our GR in a separate, 2nd step by using 'Post Goods Movement' app (old MIGO). Unfortunately, even though this also triggers a 101 movement, this situation will still trigger an inbound delivery for which we will need to post GR again and create WT.

Can someone please confirm that this Cloud EWM features is not (yet) working for this situation? How should it work in comparison with on-premise? Based on the answer, I will have to create an incident in the hope it can be fixed soon or log a customer influence ticket to at least put it on the roadmap for the future.

Thank you for any feedback!

Best regards,
Jens Koyen