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Apr 28, 2020 at 07:25 AM

Purchasing Views Not created using Product Migration Object


Hello Experts,

As of 1911, since SAP has introduced a new migration object "Product" which replace "Material", i am facing some issues while creating material/product master.

For ROH/FERT material i want to create purchasing view of the materials (For FERT config has been changed to allow to create Purchasing View). I have the data like order unit, GR processing time in days that need to be updated in purchasing view for materials.


I did not receive any error while uploading the material but when i see the material in "display material" app i am not able to see the purchasing view. So i went ahead and manually in extend the same material to purchasing view via "Create Material" app.

If i want to create a PO for same material i am getting an error "Material XXXXXX not maintained in Purchasing". I update PSTAT field (maintenance views) and then it allowed to create a PO.

In earlier template we have Plant Maintenance Status (PSTAT) where we can specify what views we need to create.

But in new template i am not able to see this particular field.

Please note if i am using the old template (Material - Depreciated) which is still available, i am able to create the material with all the views (that i have selected for purchasing) and can able to create PO.

I checked the documentation available in but not able to found anything.

Can anyone help me on this pls.




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