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Dec 17, 2019 at 01:11 AM

Additional environments?


I suspect that I already know the answer to this one...

...but are there any options for getting additional environments / clients in the MTE world?

My specific requirement is around having for example a training client, where both config and data could reflect the live setup, but users could log on and execute training tasks (and similarly, having an environment where a full test migration could be carried out and reconciled, rather than having to test load data into a Q system where transactions already exist and reconciliation is difficult)?

I know that you can get an additional tenant - but my understanding is that this is stand alone and based on Best Practices (so basically like a starter system) - which is useful for doing Fit to Standard workshops for new scope items, but not a lot else.

Have things by any chance improved since I last looked - or does anyone have any creative ideas as to how I night solve these issues?