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Nov 04, 2019 at 09:54 AM

Error reporting with the oData Create Supplier Invoice API


Does anyone have any experience getting invoice errors to return with this API on a payload with multiple invoices?

We have an integration we're trying to build which is:

CSV flat file containing invoices from the previous day from Service Channel -> File dropped by vendor onto our SFTP Server -> CPI grabs file from SFTP folder daily at a scheduled time-> Converts to XML -> maps to S/4HC fields -> Posts to S/4HC thru the oData Supplier Invoices API.

The payload from the vendor is based on the template from the Import Supplier Invoices app in S/4HC, and can contain 1 to hundreds of invoices (with one or many GL lines per invoice).

The issue we're encountering is if the file errors in posting to S/4HC there is no information or context back which line(s) failed within the file. Is returning this information not possible with this API? Will the API only return an overall file error without any details? I would think that flat files with multiple entries would be supported since they're so prevalently used by vendors and other external software providers.