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Nov 01, 2019 at 08:19 AM

Delete GL Accounts at company code level



Do you know if there is any option of deleting GL accounts at company code level? I am aware of Gl Renumbering where you can set the Not Used indicator at chart of accounts level. I am part of a S/4 Hana Cloud greenfield implementation with 7 countries (14 company codes in scope). The countries were not activated all at once. So, after the first countries were activated, some GL accounts were renumbered, created only for some company codes (bank accounts, payroll accounts etc). Now, every time when a new country is activated, all the accounts are extended for the new company codes. We are using the YCOA (Standard Chart of Accounts). Any idea how we can manage this? Ideally, it would be when we ask a new country activation to specify the accounts to be extended (anyway this is too late for us) but at least, we would like to have the option to delete the extension at company code level.

Thank you,