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Oct 31, 2019 at 03:26 AM

CONCAT_WITH_SPACE function is not working in CDS view custom calculated field


Dear community,

I'm trying to add a new field to a custom CDS view. I want this field to be the concatenation of 4 other fields, but separated by space.

I can see that the function CONCAT is working for those fields, but CONCAT_WITH_SPACE is not.


concat_with_space( I_JournalEntryItem.ACCOUNTINGDOCUMENTTYPE, I_JournalEntryItem.ACCOUNTINGDOCUMENT, 1 ),

concat_with_space( I_JournalEntryItem.ASSIGNMENTREFERENCE, I_JournalEntryItem.CUSTOMER, 1 ), 1 )

I've tried, as a workaround, to use the function CONCAT with the string ' ', but it seems like the string is ignored.

concat( concat( concat(

I_JournalEntryItem.ACCOUNTINGDOCUMENTTYPE, ' '), concat(

I_JournalEntryItem.ACCOUNTINGDOCUMENT, ' ') ) , concat( concat(

I_JournalEntryItem.ASSIGNMENTREFERENCE, ' ') ,

I_JournalEntryItem.CUSTOMER ) )

And the message error I have is not very explicit...

Has anyone faced the same issue?

Best regards,



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