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Oct 30, 2019 at 01:48 AM

Q-System organization set-up


Hi Experts,

we are now in Preset-phase.

When we are setting up organization setting in Q-system, we found that some of items we are not able to change or find. Much appreciated and thanks in advance for your kind support, mainly contact and address information cannot be changed. We would like to confirm whether these ones can be changed in P-system or after we triggered activation for P-system.

Below are the detail area we cannot change ;

  1. When setting up company code > Address information cannot be updated - Company information cannot be changed
  2. When setting up address in company code > Region – not information to select from, when we type LDN we cannot proceed error to update. Do we need to set up region anywhere? Region is not a mandatory field not sure why we cannot proceed
  3. Plant – address information cannot be changed
  4. Storage location – address information cannot be changed.
  5. Purchase organisation – address information cannot be changed.
  6. Sales Organisation – address information cannot be changed.
  7. Sales Distribution chain - address information cannot be changed.
  8. Cash Management setting cannot be found within S4 Hana, is there an option so that we can tick this setting. Please find attached screenshot where in SAP ECC we can tick "activate CM"

Thank you so much once again