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Oct 29, 2019 at 11:59 AM

App for FB01


Hello, I have the following requirement from our client:

1. Post bank account to customer account without clearing invoice with different profit center/segment ;

2. Bank account should have a default profit center (configurations step Assign Default Profit Center to Accounts allows to solve this issue).

However we realized that in this way the customer account adopts also the default profit center form the bank account, which is not intended

So, we need an app like FB01 where it is possible to define manually a different profit center/segment to the bank account and to the customer account. Then we expect the document split to automatically insert the 0 balance account in order to balance the segments.

We found an app to manually post between GL accounts, but is not enough because we also need to post to a customer account.

Do you have any app to solve this? OR do you find any alternative solution?


Luis F. Silva