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Oct 25, 2019 at 08:58 AM

Billing multiple customers



We have a request from a customer to be able to support the following process:

1: A project is created where the funding of the project comes from 2-3 customers per project

2: The project is executed and a billing plan is maintained

3: The customers are invoiced based on a percentage of the total project cost.

When running scope item J11 - Customer Project Management - Project-Based Services it seems that one project is linked to one customer.

Is there any scope item or process in professional services (or in S/4HANA Cloud MTE in general) that covers the scenario of invoicing multiple customers with reference to one project?

In classic scenarios this was handle with a project where sales orders where created per individual customer and linked to the project.

We can still use that old process in S/4HANA Cloud, however we are looking for a more modern professional services process.

/Thorben Hald