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Oct 08, 2019 at 09:55 AM

Does the 'Manage Billing Document Requests' app use incompletion procedures?


Dear Community,

We are using the 'Manage Billing Document Requests' app to upload some transactions. Now before these documents are saved, we'd like the system to do some checks, including making sure the profit center is populated. Therefore, I have assigned an incompletion procedure that checks the profit center, to item category ED01. However, when I go to upload a file that has a line missing a profit center, it loads and saves fine. Furthermore, when I go inside of a Billing Document Request, and go to 'More'->'Edit,' there is no option to check for incompletion. So before I say that the incompletion procedure is failing, my first question is, does the Manage Billing Document Requests app even take the incompletion procedure into account?