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Oct 03, 2019 at 01:52 AM




We are trying to develop multiple applications needed for some process on our customer S/4HANA Multi-tenant edition system. We are finding it really difficult to consume a SOAP request in S/4HANA Cloud. In an on-premise environment we can consume this kind of request in an ABAP system, what option is available for a S/4HANA Cloud system?

Doing some research from several posts gathering around the SAP community, the solutions are diverse about how to approach this issue, mostly referencing on premise environments. But what about the S/4HANA cloud multi-tenant edition? Rest requests are almost ready-to-go with a few simple clicks. Could the consumption of the WSDL be the root of these problems?

In our approach we try to consume the SOAP request as an oData Service (truly we attempt to fetch the input/response as OData). Let me explain this in detail, from our Integration department (going through SPCI) they wrap the SOAP request in an oData input/output container.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,