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Sep 12, 2019 at 04:12 AM

"Perform Foreign Currency Valuation" common error - segment not valid


During our month end close process, when we run the Perform Foreign Currency Valuation app, then we check our Verify Data Flow app to see any ECS errors in suspense for items that did not post.

We have a recurring common error blocking posting: segment is not valid for item000 followed by the mismatch

And in each instance the system is assigning the incorrect segment in the remeasurment process, for one of the lines in the entry. The mismatch appears to always be between the balance sheet and the P&L entry

I believe that somewhere in our configuration we've assigned something incorrectly, as we do not encounter this error anywhere else in our business processes, however, I'm at a loss to figure out where I go to look at our settings to troubleshoot and fix this.

Thanks in advance for any help