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Sep 04, 2019 at 03:09 AM

Sales Processing without third party shipping notification - Recurring


Hi Experts,

Much appreciate for your inputs. May I ask for your advice how I can use this process to fit the requirement

Our nature of business is abit more towards back-to-back or Trading nature. For instance, we propose our client Server Set-up. Sales Quotation (Server + Configuration set-Up) Sales Order (Server+Configuration set-up) But, we do not have server. We have to buy Purchase Request (Server only) Purchase Order (server only) Supplier Invoice (server only) Then we make billing document (Server+Configuration set-up) Sometimes we may have outsource service which we need to buy their service (same concept as server mentioned above) When it comes to Supplier Invoice and Billing document, it can be recurring. For example, we might sell product as fixed contract (1man-month for next 1 year). It means 12 invoices to be issue as recurring.

With the requirement mentioned above, May I know your thoughts and advice on using process "Sales order processing without shipping notification". Is it possible to have recurring process or billing item in here? really, really appreciated for this.

Thank you