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Sep 03, 2019 at 03:02 AM

Do I lose anything of the standard functionality if I go for the "renumbering" of the Chart of Accounts



We need to find out before we take final decision what are the implications of the "CoA renumbering"; we have been advised that if we choose renumbering option, all the "account determination" will be "automatically" updated by SAP for the renumbered accounts, which sounds pretty well. The thing is that we have doubts about if choosing renumbering we may lose other standard functionalities as:

  • The financial statement provided by SAP, if we renumber the accounts, do we have to redo it?
  • Predelivered APPs with reporting for vendors and customers and others -> “Accounts payable overview”, “Accounts receivable overview”… will continue working if we renumber the accounts or some KPIs won´t work correctly.
  • Other things that based on your experience we lose if we go through the renumbering.

Many thanks in advance.