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Aug 30, 2019 at 09:47 AM

Pricing Condition Procedure for new condition type is current adding instead of substituting the price


HI Team;

We have created a new pricing condition type ZSP0 and copied the default pricing procedure A30001 to Z30001. The new pricing procedure should have following logic

  • if only PSP0 exists use PSP0 (this works)

  • If PSP0 and ZSP0 exists use ZSP0 (works)

  • If PSP0 and PCP0 exists use PCP0 (works)

  • If PSP0 and ZSP0 AND PCP0 exist use PCP0 (not working it is currently adding the rate for ZSP0 and PCP0)

  • Condition Type ZSP0 has been created as a copy of PSP0, but we also tested it with similar settings than PCP0. Can someone please tell me how to change either the pricing procedure or the condition type to achieve the desired outcome?




    31958-image.png (77.0 kB)