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Aug 22, 2019 at 07:50 AM

S/4HANA Cloud 1908 - TM questions


Hello SAP Community,

We have a requirement at my Customer to use S/4HANA Cloud TM and I have been checking the following standard scenario (3EP-Order-based Transportation Consolidation)

After reading the test scenario document, I have some questions and remarks.

The start of the flow is the creation of a sales order. Then, at header level, the shipping conditions "TM - Order based" must be selected to trigger the appearance of the TM Status tab in the Sales order Overview. In that tab, you can select the sales order reference, press the document flow button and see the freight units items that are linked to the sales order

So as the TM tab appears only if we select the shipping condition "TM - Order based", I see a big limitation in the route and route schedule determination. It means that the route will alays need to be updated manually at sales order item level for each item. is it the way to go?

Also, we do not have the possibility to test Freight orders by manually creating them in the system. According to the 3EP scenario, the freight order is created in the decentratlized TM but I think it would be handy to be able to create Freight orders directly. Is manual creation of freight orders foreseen? Also what is the freight order document type?

Also, as I read in another post, we are missing HU information in the outbound delivery in S/4HANA Cloud (packing icon and functionality unavailable). Does this mean that we have to use S4HANA Cloud TM functionalities without HU during the process? To me, there is a flaw due to the missing HUs as the weights and dimensions coming from material masster data is not in sync with the real packaged weight of a material at transportation. Will SAP activate HU functionalities in Outbound delivery level as it is the case on-premise?

Thanks for your feedback