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Aug 19, 2019 at 07:38 AM

Supplier down payment view



We use APP manage supplier down payment (in OP the t-code is F-47 ) in S4HC to create supplier down payment request .I want to check the posted request in in a view . In OP, we can check the record in table in BSEG . But I tried view I_JournalEntryItem, I_OplAcctgDocumentItemBrowser with parameter of PURCHASINGDOCUMENT and SPECIALGLCODE . We can not find the related records in the VIEW in S4HC , I can not find the related records .

I can not find the CDS for Manage supplier down payment in fiori libruary also .

Would you please let me let me konw which VIEW in S4HC store the supplier down payment request data ?

There is no view data browser in S4HC like SE16 in sap OP I think ( We can not create query for the purpose of data viewer). It will bring huge work load for the consultant to find where the data stored .

Best regards!

Jacky Liu