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Jul 25, 2019 at 02:57 AM

copy quotation to purchase order in app Create Purchasing Order- Advanced


Hi, Support

In app- Create Purchase Order- Advanced (ME21N), is it doable to copy from a quotation to create a PO from the "document overview"?

I've already awarded a quotation but wanted to try to copy the quotation to PO in ME21N(Create Purchase order- advanced) instead of creating" Follow up PO" in quotation directly. The reason is customer need to use traditional sapgui to enter some data. Fiori app to create PO has limitation and it will be sent to approval immediately.

I tried 2 ways:

1. in the document overview, copy Request for Quotation. However, no RFQ is selectable.

2. in the document overview, copy General Purchasing Document and select document category= quotation. we can filer out a quotation. However, if we press Copy, nothing was copied from quotation to purchasing order. It doesn't work.

Since RFQ and quotation have been changed a lot in s/4 so I wonder if this has been retired. thanks.