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Jul 01, 2019 at 11:03 AM

Intercompany Pricing - should be via Sales price or Info record



I am trying to use standard process info record for Intercompany pricing instead of Sales pricing. Everything works fine except the billing document. Can you please let me know what am I missing and why its showing zero. We have two options. Please let me know which one I should use. I have attached screen shot for both and the issue I am facing.

Option 1: Via “Sales price” - This is a manual type of task and we cannot enter freight as master data, we have to enter manually every time during STO creation. I have attached an example via “sales price”. We can only enter Gross price 15 via sales price (Condition type PI01) and have to enter 5 % freight manually for each STO.

Option 2: Via Info Record. This works fine and it’s a standard. We use this process in ECC too. We can update Freight as master data in Info record . I created STO and it works fine, only its not generating the billing document. I need your help as to why its not generating the value (please see the next screen shot for delivery number 80000239)

Also please let me know what option we should use in S4HC for 1905.