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May 13, 2019 at 01:03 AM

Maintain and run settlement rule


Dear S4HC Community,

I'm trying to do the process steps described in test script 1A8 Maintain settlement rule and run settlement rule with the variant of allocating costs from a WBS of an internal project to a WBS of a customer project.

Unfortunately, I haven't succeeded in my tests. My intention is to settle the costs to the receiver (WBS of the customer Project) in order to bill the customer with these costs.

If anyone is interested in reading the details you can find them here:

What I did so far:

1. 1. I created an internal project and a customer project.

2. 2. I maintained the settlement rule from sender PDDEMO1A8.1.1 (internal WBS) to receiver WBSABRECHNUNG.1.2 (customer WBS). I run the chek function and got the message: Check completed without errors.
2019-05-13 14_55_14-Display Settlement Rule_ Overview.png

3. 3. I posted some time entries for the sender WBS (internal project). The time entries are automatically approved.
2019-05-13 14_40_55-My Timesheet.png

4. 4. I open Run Actual Settlement Projects – Collective. I created a new variant with these values:
2019-05-13 14_32_56-Edit Variants_ Variant YS_1002.png

5. 5. Finally, I run the variant und I got the message: Either the sender is already settled, or there is nothing to settle.
Sometimes i managed to run the variant but then i got the message "object is no relevant" and "no changes".

T Could some one help me on this? I would appreciate your help very much!

Rafael Fernandez