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Dec 11, 2018 at 11:56 AM

Who else is bumping up against the Design Studio limitation of 10,000 rows? When will Design Studio applications in S/4HANA Cloud be able to handle more than this?



My company continues to run into issues with Design Studio applications for Finance and Accounting (Trial Balance, P&L Actual, P&L Actual/Plan, Custom Analytical Queries, etc.) where our data set exceeds 10,000 rows of data and is cut off by the application. We have hundreds of cost centers and profit centers (1-2 for each of our stores as retail/fast casual restaurant company) and when we want to do analysis or extracts by cost center and GL account in a single report we consistently bump up against this limitation.

There is a workaround in some cases, but it is unrealistic to expect a standard user to apply this everytime:

  1. Open any other Design Studio app
  2. Set the filters and press ok
  3. Manipulate the url by adding following


The place where you should add this manipulation is here (example is the P&L Actual app):

Is anyone else encountering this issue?

When will SAP expand Design Studio past this limitation?


Ryan Muller

Sr. Business Systems Analyst

MOD Pizza