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Dec 10, 2018 at 08:47 AM

CDS Views - How to add Custom column

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I have two questions on CDS.

1. Is there a way to add a calculated column to CDS? eg: custom column (field) = Column D* Column D. This custom field not in data source, want to add directly in CDS. is that possible?

2 second question is, I am getting data in rows, is there a way to transpose those values into columns? eg: We have CDS with stock (Material, Qty, batch number) and three batch characteristics. When I pull data in CDS, material, Qty and batch numbers repeat for each batch characteristic and total values are not correct. Pl see example below:

Current CDS output:

Material Batch Qty Chars Value

4000 ABC 19500 REO 55

4000 ABC 19500 Moisture 10

4000 ABC 19500 KG.REO 8000


Material Batch Qty REO Moisture KG.REO

4000 abc 19500 55 10 8000

Thanks in advance for your response.