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Dec 07, 2018 at 03:19 AM

How to use CDS views to see the data?


Hi All,

I am looking for something similar to SE16N in S/4HANA cloud. In the app "view Browser", there are multiple CDS views for sales. But I cannot use them to directly view the data like we do in case of tables in ECC. The option “show content” is enabled only for Category = Query and Released status = Yes. There are only 6 available queries for sales as of now.

So what is the alternative for tables in S4HC?

E.g. if I need to see all sales documents created in system (order, credit memo req, returns, contracts, inquiries all under one view) how can I do that? (VBAK table in ECC)

I was able to create a custom CDS view but am not sure how to use that to view the data.