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Oct 31, 2018 at 06:49 AM

Audit trail for the supplier invoice release



When an supplier invoice is blocked for invoice (because of a discrepancy, because of an assignment to a g/l, ...), it can be released:

- by the workflow recipient

- via the tile "Release Blocked Invoices" (MRBR)

- via this very same tile, started as a job

- by the AP clerk, via the option available in the tile "Supplier invoice list"

Is there somewhere a possibility to know who released the invoice and how.

On the invoice itself, we have the name of the approver only in case of a release via workflow.

Let's imagine this scenario:

- The invoice is blocked; a workflow is started

- The recipient rejects the invoice

- For some reason, the AP decides to release is manually

I've found no trace of the initial rejection and the not trace of the AP clerk that decided to release it in the end.

Thanks in advance,