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Oct 29, 2018 at 04:22 AM

Date based valuation class transfer for debt contracts in TRM


Dear experts,

We are using the valuation class transfer functionality in Treasury and Risk management, in S/4HANA Cloud, to perform nominal amount reclassifications. In Spain it is a legal requirement to reclassify the installment repayment amounts (from the long term G/L accounts to the short term ones) once they are due in a period of a year or less.

The problem is the valuation class transfer Fiori app performs a reclassification of the whole amount instead of considering just a time horizon.

In ECC you could set up a date based valuation class transfer:

And when performing the valuation class transfer and selecting this valuation class as target, the selection screed displayed an additional field:

This field was used to consider the time horizon in order to reclassify just the installment amounts which are due in a time period of a year or less.

But in S/4HANA Cloud this option is not available:

Besides, the "class valuation" fields don't have match codes, so you need to manually input the code of the valuation classes (hence you need to already know these codes, so this also might cause some errors or problems).

And after checking the SSCUI guides we weren't able to find and configuration point where we can set up a new valuation class.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue and to be able to perform reclassifications on a horizon based period?

Thank you!


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31363-image.png (43.2 kB)
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