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Oct 11, 2018 at 11:23 AM

Regression test identification - suggestion for the community to support


Hi All

as we approach the 1811 release, we have to assess what functionality we need to test and which test scripts we need to use. Wouldn't it be great if SAP helped to identify the Test scripts using something like Track Changes so that the teams can easily identify what has changed ?

For anyone in the community, I would encourage you to be an active member of the 'Customer Influence' forum where feedback from people outside of SAP who are implementing S4HC can feed ideas for SAP's consideration for upcoming new functions/changes.

And to my question - there is an Influence request already raised Track Changes in Test Scripts with each Release - the more votes this has, the more chance is has to succeed. Please support this initiative with your Vote - this would help significantly in that 2 week window of regression testing !!



P.s It was not my Influence item but I strongly support it !