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Jan 29, 2021 at 03:41 AM

Weird scheduling of PM maintenance plan by IP30


Hi PM Guru,

There is an preventive maintenance order created unexpectedly that I really feel at a loss.


1. It is a multi counter maintenance plan with 2 cycles; 1Y and 45000 piece( Link is OR)

2. 1st order created on Jan.25.2021 is correct per the counter readings.

PM Cycle: 45000 piece

3. The 2nd order is weird as there is no more measurement or up to 45000 (PM cycle) to trigger it

From the algorithm, it is triggered by counter reading

4. There is an enhancement which reverses all measurement documents created prior to order Release.

(but it should not impact the scheduling and it works fine with other plans)

Really can't figure it out myself.

Pls kindly help.



scheduling.png (106.2 kB)