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Jan 28, 2021 at 04:26 PM

Labor and overhead costing issue in ECC for SAP ME yield confirmations



we have created a routing in SAP ME and exported SAP ME routing to ECC in a production order scenario.
we don't use shop order routing/BOM.

when production order (SFC) is processed in SAP ME and completed all the operations in SAP ME yield confirmations , Goodsmovements and component comsumption cost all are successfully posted in ECC.
But Labor and overhead cost is not calculated on the production order.

When we do confirmations in ECC directly ( not through SAP ME) against same SAP ME routing, we can see labor and overhad cost is calculated successfully.

So the labor cost is not calculated in ECC for that production order when order confirmations happen through SAP ME.

We didn't not implement/configure any labor module in SAP ME.

Do we need to implement/configure labor module in SAP ME for labor costs posting in ECC when we export the ME routing to ECC?

Is any configuration required in SAP ME for successful labor costing in ECC?

Please provide your inputs and let me know if you need more details.