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Jan 28, 2021 at 01:55 PM

Quality Inspection Lot


Hi All,

Need a flashlight on one of the requirements; For 01, 04.... Inspection setup types:

The client requested a solution, where a respective FERT material type is having a material assignment process in the respective Inspection plan with two other materials that are also using the same inspection plan while creating the inspection lot (each MIC is also having a DMR)

Now the client is asking whenever a quality inspection lot is created for other material codes that are in the material assignment should only get two MIC from the main inspection plan.

How can we achieve this process by restricting MIC's from the main material to other assigned materials for example if the main inspection plan has 4 to 10 MIC's and only needs to generate an inspection lot with 4 MIC from the main inspection plan....

An idea will be appreciated...

Thanks & Regards,

Madhu. G