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Feb 02, 2021 at 08:16 AM

sample project "cloud-cap-samples-java" deploy issue

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Project link:

Attachments are the full logs downloaded by command "cf dmol -i 1a9fce0c-6533-11eb-b423-eeee0a876ddb".

Deploy steps as follows.

Rename mta-single-tenant.yaml to mta.yaml
Run mbt build
Run cf login
Run cf deploy mta_archives/bookshop-java-public_1.0.0.mtar

After deployed to SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit trail account, db service could not be started. Logs are as below.

bookshop-java-public-db | instance: 61461c1a-0c01-4d70-490f-d245, index: 0, cell_id: d5f8ba8f-6b80-4d41-b335-1a257634845d, exit_description: Codependent step exited, reason: CRASHED

using "cf logs bookshop-java-public-db --recent" command , get bolow logs.