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Feb 02, 2021 at 03:23 AM

How to Transport the Application Deployed in One Sub account to another via SAP Cloud Platform?


Hi All,

I am working on Custom SAPUI5 Application Development and Deployed the Application into SAP Cloud Platform and registered to Cloud Launchpad. It is working fine.

Now i would like to move the application into Quality subaccount for the Test and then move to Production. If it is On Premise Deployment, usually all will be taken care when they do the Transport Management. However in Cloud How do i need to move to Quality Subaccount and then to Production Subaccount.

I found one blog related to this saying that, i need to export the deployed application in the SAP Cloud Platform (under HTML5 application --> export) then i need to import the same in the respective sub account (HTML5 Application--> import).

Is this the recommended approach to do or do we have any other way to do?

Please help me to sort it out.

Thank you,