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Feb 02, 2021 at 01:29 AM

SBO emailer 'Cannot resolve server address'


Hi all,

I'm currently facing problem setting up email for SAP B1 8.81.

I'm pretty sure that SMTP server and port is correctly configured (I ping SMTP sever and it worked)

I also tried other SMTP ports just in case, but it still saying 'cannot resolve server address'

I could see on record that the company used to use email function of SAP B1 2 years ago, but suddenly stopped using it.

I asked my colleagues but they don't know full story why they stopped using it, because they joined company after company stopped using email function.

My boss urged me to make this functionality back again, but he also doesn't know why they stopped using it first place.

So what should I begin to diagnosis this issue?

There is actually no superior or anyone who know about IT system within this company, so it's is huge headache for me every time I try to fix the issue.