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Jan 29, 2021 at 07:53 PM

Digital Signature QRCode - Implementation Portugal - Class CL_SIPT_QRCODE_PT ->GET_TAX_SETTINGS

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we have an issue about saft_pt_tax_data table with taxexpirationdat field.

The client table saft_pt_tax_data field taxexpirationdat are empty for many records the values is '00000000'".

So, in the QR code the logic for outgoing billing invoicesin Class CL_SIPT_QRCODE_PT->GET_TAX_SETTINGS failed, because the select to saft_pt_tax_data table not include the clause OR "taxexpirationdat = '00000000'" (above).

INTO TABLE mt_tax_data
FROM saft_pt_tax_data
WHERE ( taxcountryregion = country_region_pt OR
taxcountryregion = country_region_pt_ma OR
taxcountryregion = country_region_pt_ac )
AND taxexpirationdat >= date

Such the standard solution to deliverys notes in class CL_QRCODE_PT_OBD_UTILL->METHOD get_tax, :

SELECT * FROM saft_pt_tax_data
INTO TABLE lt_tax WHERE taxtype IN ('IVA', 'NS')
AND tax_code_officia IN ('NOR','RED','ISE','INT','OUT','NS')
AND ( taxexpirationdat >= sy-datum OR taxexpirationdat = '00000000' )
AND taxcountryregion = is_t001-land1.

Or Such the standard saft solution:

Could you explain why the Method GET_TAX_SETTINGS version is not the same that METHOD get_tax when select the saft_pt_tax_data table?

Thanks for you help .

Manuela Lobo (DXC)


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