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Jan 28, 2021 at 09:41 AM

SAP_Condition Contract Settlement_Calculation against a Custom Condition table


Hi all,

can you please advise which steps should i follow in order to allow the system to properly perform a calculation against a new custom condition table?

For instance, i have to create a condition table defined as "Condition Contract / Brand (custom field) / Material" and add it in the below frame.

Apart from the creation of the condition table and its inclusion in the access sequence of the condition types needed, is there anything else that I have to enable/activate in order to correctly perform the accrual/payout posting through the WB2R_SC according to this new condition table? Do i have to use some user exit?

I've seen also the customizing path "Explosion group for business volume base"; is it useful for this requirement?

Thanks and regards

Pier Paolo