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OKB9 settings

Feb 16, 2017 at 11:08 PM


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Scenario: Cost center : CA012600 Profit center : PCAM60 Above combination is maintained in OKB9 for Cost element 560400 and company code CA01. Am trying to post entry for Cost element 560400 with below combination which is not maintained in OKB9, but system allowed to post entry with out throwing an error message. Cost center : CA012620 , Profit center : PCAM6020 Question 1 :- Is this is system normal behavior ? Please advise. Question 2 : If we maintain Profit center in Cost center, do we still need to maintain OKB9 setting for same combination ?

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Dear Ramakrishna,

First you need to understand the useful of OKB9 tranction code.

This settings helps wherever GL accounts are posting automatically and required a cost object. And no manual interference is possible. And system derives automatically cost objects based on the maintenance.

And coming to your questions:

Q1- is the system normal behaviour- Ans is yes. This is standard behaviour of the SAP.

System allows you to provide cc and pc during manual posting without any error.

Q2: if you have maintained profit centre in cost centre and given in line item during posting then it is again not required to maintain in OKB9.

Hope the answer clarify your queries.



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2 Answers

Mukthar Ali Ahamed N Feb 17, 2017 at 04:31 AM

Hi Rama Krishna,

1. If you maintain the CC manually at the time of document, in that case manual posting will have first priority. System ignores the OKB9 settings.

2. OKB9 settings will applicable, when you have not maintained any account assignment at document posting. It automatically picks from the settings. However, if you have maintained PC in CC, then system will get PC from the CC. Not require to maintain in OKB9.



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Miya Wang
Feb 18, 2017 at 04:55 AM

Hello Ramakrishna Sabani,

The OKB9 will only take action when there is no account assignment available for the cost element.
In case there is also a manually input account assignment, then it is standard behavior that OKB9 not taken place.
There will also not be any error or warning happen, because it is standard OKB9 not called.
Best regards,

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