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Jan 28, 2021 at 03:04 AM

Workflow EMail


Hello Experts,

I am using Custom SAP UI5 application as User Task. I have added two buttons in workflow (Approve and Reject). Please refer to Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2

Please refer to my workflow (Screenshot 3)

When user clicks on Approve or Reject button, email notification should be sent.

I have made Condition YES as DEFAULT (Sequence Flow, refer to Screenshot 4) and added Condition for No (refer to Screenshot 5)

Question / Error: When User clicks on Approve or Reject Button, Mail is getting triggered for DEFAULT (Yes) Scenario only. (i.e. When user clicks on Reject button, Approved mail is getting triggered)

Request your help

screenshot-1.jpg screenshot-2.jpg screenshot-3.jpg screenshot-4.jpg screenshot-5.jpg


screenshot-1.jpg (167.7 kB)
screenshot-2.jpg (174.2 kB)
screenshot-3.jpg (82.8 kB)
screenshot-4.jpg (116.6 kB)
screenshot-5.jpg (112.2 kB)