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Feb 03, 2021 at 05:34 AM

PCAPAUSAGE not updated after Operator run


We have the following situation:

We run the optimizer in one week, and get the PCAPAUSAGE values out of the Optimizer. Let's say one Combination (RES-SOURCE-PROD-LOC) is updated with a value. Next week we run again the Optimizer and now that combination doesn't get any usage (demand is lower or Optimizer decided on other resource) We determine this because there is no Production for Source-Loc-Prod, and also because we saw the output file. The values of PCAPAUSAGE calculated in the previous week, are not removed, should be replaced by Null. This is then originating a wrong display of Capacity Usage percentage, it shows more than 100%. Do you know if this is the expected behavior?, certainly is inconvenient.

Thanks for any input.