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Feb 01, 2021 at 07:40 PM

Count Where Function Error In Business Objects

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I have the following data (there are more rows I just cropped it at a few) that I am trying to count as per the Aircraft Monthly Usage Values.

I have created the following 3 measures:
[High Usage]
=Count([Aircraft Monthly Usage]) Where ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]>=2)

[Low Usage]
=Count ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]) Where ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]Between(1;2))

[Very Low Usage]
= Count([Aircraft Monthly Usage]) Where ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]<=1)

This is what it returns, which is wrong since I can clearly see more that one value greater than 2.

I even tried changing the formula to

[High Usage]
=Count([Aircraft Monthly Usage]) Where ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]>=2) In( [Awd No])

It still returns the same results. I need to create a pie chart to compare all 3 usage types.


I am using this formula now

[High Usage]
=Count ([Preferred Item] Where ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]>=2);All)

[Low Usage]
=Count (([Preferred Item]) Where ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]Between(1;2));All)

[Very Low Usage]
= Count (([Preferred Item]) Where ([Aircraft Monthly Usage]<=1);All)

This returns the following count, but it's incorrect.

The correct count should be.

High Usage = 23
Low Usage = 8
Very Low Usage = 348

Total = 379.


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