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Jan 29, 2021 at 11:41 AM

Group Reporting Upgrade from 1909 to 2020


Hi Team,

As part of Legal and Management Consolidation implementation, Basis team migrated from 1909 to 2020 in a client(200). Client 1909 already had Group Reporting installed with Best Practice content(1SG). Basis prepared another client(500) where they installed fresh Group Reporting Content 2020 and installed best Practice content (1SG) and ICMR content(40Y).

Now we have to check on what features can be taken from client 500 to client 200 so that Group Reporting 2020 features are available in 200 client as well. Since Best Practice content was already installed in 1909, it cannot be done again in 2020 upgrade.

How do we check and take/select the Group Reporting 2020 features from 500 client to 200 client. is there any SAP note on this or what are the potential steps that needs to be executed.