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Jan 28, 2021 at 06:17 PM

RAID configuration (details) for SAP Business One


We are replacing a previous gen Dell server to a Dell T140, for hosting SBO server. There is 64GB RAM inside, 6-8 simultaneous users would connect via LAN & RDS (SBO desktop client seems considerably slower than working via RDC).

The server has PERC H330 RAID controller, and I plan to install 4x SSD drive in Raid 10 config. Because of server and budget limitation, there will be only this logical volume, hosting C:\ drive, SQL database and temp files. Daily backup can be done either to the same volume, or to a NAS via LAN.

How should we fine tune the raid configuration, in order to serve the database as well as possible? I'm specifically interested in these options within the BIOS:

- strip element size

- no read ahead or read ahead

- write back, write through or force write back

- logical sector size

- "enable T10 protection information capability"?

- "secure disk"?

Bonus question: may we use Bitlocker on this volume?

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.