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Jan 28, 2021 at 02:04 PM

SAPUI5 - SimpleForm - Center


Hey together,

how do I get the content of the SimpleForm into the center? With the button it was no problem, but this SimpleForm never wants how I want it ;-(

See picture:

I would also like the labels to be above the input and not to the left of it. Is there a possibility?

<f:SimpleForm layout="ResponsiveGridLayout" editable="true" labelSpanL="2" labelSpanM="1" labelSpanS="1" emptySpanL="2" emptySpanM="1" columnsL="1" columnsM="1">

<Label text="Anlagennummer" labelFor="anln1" textAlign="Left"/>

<Input id="anln1" valueLiveUpdate="true" required="true" type="Number" valueStateText="Ungültige Eingabe" showValueHelp="true" valueHelpRequest=".onValueHelpRequestedA" valueHelpOnly="true" width="100%"/>

<Label text="Unternummer" labelFor="anln2" textAlign="Left"/>

<Input id="anln2" valueLiveUpdate="true" type="Number" editable="false" width="100%"/>

<Label text="Buchungskreis" labelFor="bukrs" textAlign="Left"/>

<Input id="bukrs" valueLiveUpdate="true" type="Number" editable="false" width="100%"/>

<Label text="Geschäftsjahr" labelFor="gjahr" textAlign="Left"/>

<DatePicker id="gjahr" displayFormat="yyyy" change="handleChange" required="true" valueFormat="yyyy" valueStateText="Ungültige Eingabe" width="100%"/>





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