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Oct 04, 2018 at 02:01 AM

Title Transfer Process



I am trying to get a 'title transfer' scenario to work in S4HC but running into issues. I've tried several different options but keep getting blocked and trying to understand what other options are available in S4HC.


Customer orders 100 EA of material ABC. Contract is created and total dollar value = $100

  • Customer pays the FULL $100 up ahead of time but does not require full delivery immediately.
  • Material is stored at our clients site - in a storage area dedicated to customer that they are selling to
  • Material is shipped out slowly (multiple delivery) as and when the customer requests it
  • There should not be any price associated with it- since they already paid the full amount up front.
  • Freight charges can apply

Our client requires the use of contract -- sales orders in SAP so once the full invoice is sent to the customer.. they still need to able to track how much was shipped (against the contract)

- I've tried creating OR sales orders with reference to the contract where the price is not required.. but run into errors saying that price is missing. This is even after making PPR0 not required and just manual.

- Tried changing the item category to the no-charge one in sales order type OR and that is not allowed...

- Tried creating a CBFD (free of charge) sales order with reference to a CQ and running into errors as that copy control is not setup. We have to be able to link to a contract.

Any other ideas how what can be done to accomplish this requirement? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.