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Aug 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Report on project roles


We recently received a customer requirement which I would like to share with the community. The question was whether it was possible to see a report containing all the projects and related roles by name. So for example: Project accountant.

Here is how it can be done:

  1. Open the app “Custom CDS View” and create a new custom CDS view. Check the box “Analytical” to ensure that a custom analytical query can be created out of the CDS view in a later step. The custom CDS view contains the following CDS Views:
  • I_EngagementProjectRoles as a primary data source
  • I_PersonWorkAgreement as a secondary data source

The binding between both views is done as follows:

I_PersonWorkAgreement.PersonWorkAgreement = I_EngagementProjectRoles.EmploymentInternalID

  1. Choose the relevant fields needed in reporting from both views and publish the custom CDS view
  2. Go to the app “Custom Analytical Query” and create a new custom analytical query based on your custom CDS view.
  3. Choose the relevant fields for your reporting
  4. Create filters if necessary. For example: Filter on the project accountant role P002
  5. Finalize and publish your analytical query
  6. Create a catalogue entry for your custom analytical query via the app “View Browser”