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Aug 10, 2018 at 08:35 AM

Bank Statement Import Processing Time Issues


We upload bank statements from multiple banks in a BAI2 format utilizing the Manage Incoming Payments application. Some of these statements are by individual day others are in 5 day files. Outside of our house bank, we average around 1,500-2,500 lines for 5 days worth of data and a total time of 20 mins or less to process for that period. The house bank averages 6,000-6,500 lines for a 5 day period. Prior to 1802 the house bank files would take 175+ mins to process for a 5 day period total. The week after 1802 was released to Production it took 37 min to process 6,074 lines of data for the 5 day period, but the response has been getting progressively worse. Last week it took 174 mins for 6,436 lines. The speed of all of the other banks statement files has largely been unchanged.

Our procedure is pretty straightforward:
1. Open Manage Incoming Payment Files application in Production
2. Click Import, and Choose “Bank Statement”
3. Click the “+” and navigate to the location where the BAI2 file is stored or drag it into the Drop file area.
4. Click Process and wait

Does anyone else upload bank statements? If so, have you experienced similar processing time (in particular it being faster right after the 1802 release and then slowing back down in the weeks since)?

I know our users would love for the performance to return to be closer to the 37 min processing time for the week!