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Aug 10, 2018 at 08:32 AM

Time & expense customer project Invoice displays Resource Cost in Billed Value (instead of Service Price maintained)


Hello Folks!

We are a global IT services organization implementing S4HC PS 1805.

We deliver projects with different billing types and Time & Expense happens to be one of them.

We have resources across multiple technologies, career streams, locations, & levels (positions). Example: SAP/Functional/LosAngeles/SeniorConsultant whose billing rate is $100/HR and SAP/Functional/Bangalore/SeniorConsultant whose billing rate is $50/HR.

We assign / staff resources from multiple locations on the same customer project.

Each one of this combination has a different T&E billing rate, leading to over 800+ combinations, thereby 800+ different billing rates.

We have defined each combination as a separate activity type & separate custom material (of the type service) and have maintained the cost & service price (condition type PSP0) to these respectively.

We are able to see that the Project displays the correct Cost & Service Price per resource, but when we create the Debit memo Request and proceed for creation of the Billing Document, the Billing Document (Invoice) displays the Resource Costs (actual cost - condition type PC01) instead of condition type PSP0 in the Pricing Conditions. And the billing line item displays a standard SAP delivered material called T999 (Miscellaneous Services) instead of our custom service material.

The Pricing Procedure assigned to the Document Type and the Organization combination is the standard pricing procedure A17J01 (for US).

We are not clear why this is happening and are hopeful that one of you experts can suggest any recommendations based on the experiences that you may have had.

I would certainly appreciate your responses on this.

Note: This issue is not occurring when we try to invoice fixed bid projects.


Nitin Fatnani